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With roots stretching back to the 1980s, Hawaiian Handfins Inc. is a new company founded in 2017 by inventor and bodysurfer Jeff Middleton.

The company designs, manufactures and promotes a range of aquatic performance-enhancing handfins for all ages and skill-levels.

Based in Kailua-Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii, we aim to help everyone swim faster, further, with more fun and less fatigue.

Hawaiian Handfins Custom Shapes and Sizes for All Ages and Backgrounds

Mike Stewart, renowned bodyboarder and bodysurfer showing the two handfin style at Point Panic, Hawaii [Click on photo to enlarge]


Jeff Middleton began designing handfins for swimming and bodysurfing in the 1980s as Heart & Soul – Surf and Shoreline Products.

Over the years, his inventions and products have helped people of all ages to swim and surf better.

At bodysurfing contests in Hawaii and California, professionals began to take notice of Jeff's energetic, two-handed style of wave riding, and the Hawaiian Handfins ’Ohana developed cooperatively.

Watersport professionals also appreciate the safety of the handfins' soft design.

Jeff Middleton and the Hawaiian Handfins Hydro-dynamic Evolution

Heart and Soul – Surf and Shoreline Products