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Greg Hense-Dorroh

Greg Hense-Dorroh Greg is longtime bodysurfer, diver, and familiar face in the waters around Oahu, Hawaii. He heads up Hawaiian Handfins on the island and welcomes your questions, comments and email. Often seen participating in local bodysurfing and handboarding contests, he can also be found managing his other great passion, namely scuba diving. Contact Greg…

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Kai Santos

Kai Santos Kai Santos is an outstanding waterman and lifeguard, best known for bodysurfing and handboarding. He likes big, grinding waves, and is a common face at Pipeline, Point Panic, and Sand Beach on the island of Oahu. Check out Kai bodysurfing at “Jaws” on Maui (see photo below) and in a few photos he…

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Wyatt Yee

Wyatt Yee Generation X Freedom Surfing. Wyatt represents a new generation waterman, adapting and evolving with Hawaiian Handfin technology.

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Jeffrey Jamar Middleton

Jeffrey Jamar Middleton “Uncle Jeff” (Nov.9, 1947–June 17, 2019) Jeffrey Middleton was the founder of Hawaiian Handfins, our team leader, and surf guru. Jeff’s amazing new handfin designs mark a radical evolution in human ability in swimming and surfing. Jeff calls it the hydrodynamic renaissance.

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Dr Steven Andrew Martin

Dr Steven Andrew Martin Dr Steven Martin’s bodysurfing experience began at 15, when he ran away from home to Waimanu Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii. Living alone in the tropical beach paradise, he thought he invented bodysurfing, and was surprised later to discover that other people had the same idea! Thirty-five years of surfing later, Steven…

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Matt Soloman

Matt Soloman Matt “Rabbit” Soloman represents a new generation of bodysurfers – Generation X. He loves the sea, and continues to push the boundaries of professional bodysurfing and handboarding. Everyone at Hawaiian Handfins is excited to have Rabbit in our freedom surfing ’Ohana!

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