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Dr Steven Andrew Martin

Dr Steven Martin's bodysurfing experience began at 15, when he ran away from home to Waimanu Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii. Living alone in the tropical beach paradise, he thought he invented bodysurfing, and was surprised later to discover that other people had the same idea!

Thirty-five years of surfing later, Steven earned his PhD in Environmental Management with a dissertation on surf site conservation.

Dr Steven Andrew Martin [click to visit Steven's educational website]

Check out Steven's 2017 book chapter: "Surf Resource System Boundaries" published in Sustainable Surfing.

The research explores theoretical concepts in environmental science representing human and physical elements at surf sites. His chapter develops a system boundary discussion, exploring surf resource stakeholders and the ‘whole’ surf system as a sustainable and dynamic model.

2017 University Press Release

Visit Steven's surf pages at his education and learning website:

1989 – Lifeguarding at Magic Sands (La'a Loa), popular bodysurfing beach in Kailua-Kona [click to visit Steven's Water Safety page]

Magic Sands Point (La'a Loa), Kailua-Kona, Hawaii – a proving grounds for bodysurfing and handboarding enthusiasts