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’Ohana represents the emotion of family connection, and how we connect with each other through cooperation and our sense of history.

It is also a way of life dating back to an early age of Polynesian voyaging, representing the teamwork and harmony needed for societies to live and work on islands, and to travel great distances on the sea.

'Ohana means family [click on photo to connect with us]

Everyone in the Hawaiian Handfins ’Ohana is a free spirit – without official contracts or legal commitments.

As Hawaiian Handfins ’Ohana, everyone is a free to follow their destiny – to swim, bodysurf or handboard for fun, or under endorsement of any organization.

We understand that there is not a single bodysurfer in the world that can support their family through bodysurfing, and we hope to see our sport develop in the spirit of aloha and ’ohana.

In order to foster a genuine appreciation for the freedom of bodysurfing, we support our riders in any way we can, including airfare to contests, entrance fees, handfins, photos, video, etc.

In return, we hope to see fun, freedom, happiness, and sharing the stoke of bodysurfing with others.

Our riders are stewards of the sport, with good conduct and concern for the natural environment, including sustainability and surf site conservation.

Hawaiian Handfins Aloha Riders.

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Hawaiian Handfins - Bodysurfing


Hawaiian Handfins - Bodysurfing - Zoe


Hawaiian Handfins - Bodysurfing

Makela Thomas

Hawaiian Handfins - Bodysurfing

Mike Stewart

Hawaiian Handfins - Bodysurfing - Mike Stewart

Wyatt Yee

Matt Soloman at Point Panic, Kewalu Basin, Oahu, Hawaii

Kai Santos at Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu

Greg Hense-Dorroh

Jeffery Jamar Middleton

To join the Hawaiian Handfins ’Ohana or learn more about our projects and products, please contact Dr. Steven Martin, featured below.

Dr Steven A Martin, Hawaiian Handfins Environmental Writer and Rider

As an avid surfer and bodysurfer with 30 countries of personal and professional experience, Steven brings an environmental voice to the Hawaiian Handfins ’Ohana.

To learn more, please visit Hawaiian Handfins Environmental page.

Learn more about Steven's research on the protection of surf sites as a coastal resource.